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Vintage Country and
Rockabilly Music


Photo top left: Nancy Nutile-McMenemy © www.photosbynanci.com

Website design: Mrs. Sludge

"Roy Sludge liefert gradlinige, schnörkellose Country Music vom Feinsten!"
(Roy Sludge provides straightforward, no-frills country music at its finest!)
-- Manfred Vogel, www.country.de (Germany)

"Roy Sludge will make you forget all the other versions of the classic 'Detour'... and that's saying something since it's been recorded by everybody from Ella Fitzgerald to Bill Haley and the Comets."
-- Nate Gibson, "New Road Under My Wheels" review

"A Real Modern Classic. No Kidding. If you're a fan of classic country music you HAVE to pick up "Too Drunk To Truck" by the Roy Sludge Trio. Roy Sludge is an old timey, truck drivin' singer with a mile wide croon that's as deep as the Grand Canyon and as smooth as a brand new two-lane black top. The trio play Truck Drivin' Country Music that's traditional but still fresh enough to have your New Country lovin', boot skootin' kids raising their beers and singing along.
Any folks who listen to "modern country" and wish they could find someone making music "like they used to" will love this record. Roy's voice and Duke Levine's guitar slinging are an incredible combination real country fans will LOVE.
If you like swingin' tales of drunkin' debauchery sung by a voice that will challenge your subwoofer, then you've got to be the first kid on your block to pick up "Too Drunk To Truck". You'll love it, I guarantee it."
-- Jake Walsh, Amazon.com

"With a deep, rumbling voice reminiscent of Junior Brown, Ernest Tubb or even Johnny Cash, Roy Sludge rolls down the road with a flatbed full of twangin’ tunes and tank of big rig rockers ready to rattle your radio right. Roy’s whiskey & cigarette seasoned voice is pure country pleasure to the ears. An instant addition to my “Jukebox Deluxe HOF” is Roy’s raucous rave up of The Strikes’ “If You Can’t Rock Me.”
-– Del Villarreal, Car Kulture Deluxe

"This album was tailor-made for Twangville. Old school in all the best ways, it might as well be a collection of lost classics from the Sun Studios archive."
-- Mayer Danzig, Twangville

"As for the Roy Sludge Trio, they are an awesome slice of musical genius. The Roy Sludge Trio takes one on an unique, tipsy little journey through post modern Americana."
-- Boston Music Awards

"He is one of most dynamic-sounding frontman in New England (hands down there kids - nobody sounds like Roy Sludge.) This is exceptional roots music - completely grounded but all at once, lofty in it's aim. I think Johnny Cash himself wouldn't mind putting on this album on a hot summer night. This is the kind of country/roots album that fans of all genres can get into as well. It's a testament to Roy's passion and the execution on this winning effort."
-- Ryan's Smashing Blog

"Roy Sludge really brought it this past Sunday. Gosh darn we love those fellas!"
-- Somerville Flea

“I Got Hammered (Then I Got Nailed),” “On Tap, in the Can or the Bottle” and the dark humor of “There Was A Crash” were engaging Sun Records-sounding gems. A former Boston area delivery man, Sludge brought authority and fine details to tales such as “Back the Truck Up” and a there-but-for-the-grace-of-God-go-I ode to the Maine highway of “Tombstone Every Mile,” anchored in Sludge’s basso profundo turn on “there’s a stretch...”
-- Fred Rudofsky, Nippertown

"Through the course of the 15 tracks, they touch on rockabilly, twangin' old school country, a bit of western, and even a Dixieland influenced "Eight Would Be Great," which is... better than great. "Hell Hath No Fury" was probably my favourite track,...but the twangin' title track more than lives up to its title and is everything a truckin’ song ought to be. Other highlights are the honky tonkin' "I Got Hammered (Then I Got Nailed)," a cover of my favourite Hank Thompson record, "On Tap, In The Can, Or In The Bottle," and "Big Red," about a truck which has seen better days. There may be a couple of misfires in the old diesel engine but the world is a much better place for releases like this. Oh, and I loved the artwork by Mrs. Sludge!"
-- Country Music People, UK